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How to Clean Whitewalls and Misc. Items Using Ultra Fine


Quick-Glo was originally invented in 1957 as a rust/remover, polish for use on (Chromium) Chrome for short. In the Fifties most Chrome was triple plated or Show Chrome and when properly cleaned would leave a luster look, as if the chrome was wet looking. Rust was not as big of a problem as today. But even then after removing the Rust it would come back and require repeated treatments.

Quick-Glo inventor Ray was ahead of his time by being the first to add wax to his product as a protectant.

The original formula was the standard for fifty years to clean whitewalls, patio furniture and heavy oxidation. When I created the Ultra Fine formula for use on softer metals, I discovered that the formula also performed well on show car tires on both the whitewalls and black. Because petroleum distillates are a fast and cheap way to produce rubber cleaners, leading brand manufactures including, Armor All, utilize this highly unstable ingredient. The UK is in the process of banning all use of petroleum distillates. Not only is it TOXIC but using of it on rubber, plastics and other oil-based materials will make them feel tacky and actually suck the oil out when it dries. This will dry rot and shorten the life of your tires and dash without any exposure to the sun.

However, Quick-Glo Original and Ultra Fine will not only clean your tires faster with a natural rubber feel but the wax coating left behind will melt into your tires when exposed to the sun and actually extend your tire life!!

Other applications are the white rubber stripping around the windows in RV’s , boat steering wheels,   black leather jackets, pool cues and balls, and much more.

The  most unusual application I have used was to clean the soles and leather uppers on my Nike tennis shoes. It took off years of dirt and grime and left them looking factory fresh. A Registered Nurse said she used Quick-Glo to remove dried blood stains from her smock and white leather sneakers.  These were stains that were three year old and nothing she had tried worked.

Although I can’t recommend these applications without further study, whenever you have a stain or blemish you can’t get out, THINK Quick-Glo.

If at anytime you’re not sure, or have Questions, contact me by E-mail or cell for a quicker response.

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