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How to Clean Chrome

Quick-Glo was originally invented in 1957as a rust/remover, polish for use on (Chromium) Chrome for short.  In the Fifties most Chrome was triple plated or Show Chrome and when properly cleaned would leave a luster look, as if the chrome was wet looking. Rust was not as big of a problem as today. But even then after removing the Rust it would come back and require repeated treatments.

Quick-Glo Inventor Ray was ahead of his time by being the first to add wax to his product as a protectant.

However today companies cutting corners and making their products overseas where single plating or plating over unprepared metal is commonplace. Your shiny new Harley will have signs of rust in months instead of years. Then after it starts, it can reappear in weeks, worse than before you cleaned it.

Rust or oxidation on or Chrome is the result of the outer layer of Chromium having a crack or hole that allows water to reach the metal underneath. Most cleaners today remove the rust with harmful chemicals or abrasives that can scratch the surface and then leave the hole or crack unprotected to just start the rust process immediately all over again. Even after cleaning, the Chrome will have a dull look and require the expense and the time of an application of another product to achieve the desired luster look. Only Quick-Glo, in one application, will safely remove the rust and leave a protective barrier to prevent future rust or oxidation for up to one year, and give the owner the luster look of years past.

Both formulations are effective for removing Rust, however for HEAVY oxidation I recommend the Original formula and for Light Oxidation and for polishing my new Ultra Fine Formulation works best.

Chromium on metal is like paint on wood, if you wait until it flakes off before you use Quick-Glo, ONLY THE REMAING CHROME AROUND THE AFFECTED AREA WILL CLEAN UP, BUT THE MISSING CHROME CAN ONLY BE REPLACED BY REPLATING THE METAL!

If at anytime you’re not sure, or have Questions, contact me by E-mail or cell for a quicker response.

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