Monday, Jan 22nd

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Thank you, can’t wait to get it. The best chrome polish I have ever used.
Rudi Riegler

I received my Quick-Glo in good condition.  I worked in the wholesale bicycle parts business for 20 years and one of the items we distributed to dealers was Quick-Glo.  (I’ve been out of the business for 10 years)  I have a jar that is almost empty and I was glad to see Quick-Glo is still out there. .
Jeff Allen

Thanks for the update.  I'll be looking forward to receiving a new jar of this stuff.  You'll get a laugh when I tell you that my old jar was petrified and I went on line to see if this stuff was still available and was very happy to find your site. I'd guess it is at least 15 years old, perhaps older.  I was able to reconstitute the stuff with the addition of some warm water & it still works pretty well. Worked great a long time ago and as indicated I'll look forward to receiving a new jar!
Steve Field

I use this to clean my Dacor cook top -- only thing that will remove stains.  Thanks
Shawn Feuchter

I just found out that Quick-Glo is back on the market. I can't express just how happy that makes me. After years of using Quick-Glo to bring back the chrome on my bikes, you could imagine how sad I was at the loss of such a great product, so getting used to using inferior products was frustrating. For Tchrome it is Quick-Glo to bring back to life almost anything I find. So, I just got hold of a 1978 Schwinn Klunker 5. This was a incredible find. The paint is actually good, but the chrome really needs help. Today I Googled "best chrome polish" and the re-market of your product came up. I immediately ordered some with joy and excitement. Thank you for bringing the original formula Quick-Glo back. You have a customer for life.
Jim Parra

I received my magic potion yesterday! This stuff is great, the stuff I remembered, but could not get. Thanks again for getting it back on the market. I'll tell all my forums for bicycles and motorcycles that you providing the product again. Like I said, I heard of it thru the bicycle shop, used it for 10 years now, and could always get it thru the holly catalogue. Thanks again, I'll definitely give you some free advertising! I'll try my best to get some pics for you, I'm restoring an 73' Yamaha RD350, doing a set of rims and a few other things. Best of luck!

Brent....I have called everyone about this product....every bike shop in St. Pete can't get was the very best product we have ever had...and referred me to "Mother's" brands..which is not as good..thanks so much, I was so glad to find your website......My mom would buy Quick Glo from the Schwinn dealer in Pomona, CA in the 60's and we would use it on our bike rims.  I couldn't remember the name and just searched the web till I saw your website and the red white and blue label...I knew I found the stuff! (and old memories!)  
Thanks, John

I was wondering if this is available locally in the Portland Oregon area. About 10 years ago I was introduced to your product when I did some charity work at a local community bicycle donation center. I was amazed at how great it worked. I have been kicking myself for not buying some back then. I have many uses for it and I would like to pick some up ASAP. Is there a store or bike shop in my area that carries it?
Thanks, Casey Smith
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