Monday, Jan 22nd

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Brent & Nicole Deloach

Brent & Nicole


I am 50 years old and the single dad to ‘Nicole” my beautiful daughter and assistant. I have been in sales since I was thirteen years old selling cinnamon coated toothpicks “three for a nickel” in the seventh grade, then as an attendant at a gas station at fifteen, through selling used cars and then to the purchasing of my first bicycle shop “ The Bicycle Source” at the age of twenty-four in 1984.

Prior to 1984 I also became a certified Electrician and completed several semesters of college as an Electrical Engineer LSU. However the bicycle shop purchase, as a sole owner at twenty-four, set the sales mold for me from there on. For the next 20 years I bought out more than ten other bicycle stores and kept one established “Tuffy’s Bicycles”. In the course of five years I went from the smallest of ten shops to the second largest of four shops in Baton Rouge, a city of over 250,000 people. I had bought out all the shops that were gone at that point.

I purchased “Quick-Glo” in 2001, and relocated the Company to Baton Rouge LA.  I sold to more than twenty bicycle wholesaler’s nation wide until 2004, when after a divorce I became a Single Dad. We moved to Kentwood Louisiana and now make Quick-Glo at our home.


Nicole was born in 1993, and at the age of two was riding horses. She started competing at age four, and in 1999 at only six years of age, she was the youngest of 900 competitors finishing sixth in the nation at the Palomino Worlds in Tulsa Oklahoma. She was accepted into LSU and will attend school there in the fall. She will always be my heart and I appreciate all she all that she does to help me make Quick-Glo a success.

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